With exodraft’s smoke extraction system, you always have control over the draft in the chimney regardless of the weather and wind or other factors that affect the natural feature.

It is the function of the chimney, partly to dispose of the smoke and partly to provide oxygen for an efficient combustion. In ideal cases, this occurs by natural traction, but both the chimney itself and a number of external factors affect the natural trait and thus the chimney’s efficiency.

With an exodraft chimney fan system, you get control of the draft in the chimney. The chimney fan is mounted on top of the chimney and creates a negative pressure, which ensures that the flue gases are drawn up through the chimney, instead of into the living room. Using the associated control, you can regulate the draft in the chimney as needed, so you can enjoy the fire in the fireplace or in the stove without the nuisance.

exodraft Smoke extractor / chimney fan system for single fireplaces and stoves consists of a Smoke extractor / chimney fan of the type RS or RSV with axial wing and associated control and accessories.

With the exodraft chimney system, it is possible to maintain the necessary chimney draft independent of the chimney dimension and the number of fireplaces connected.

The chimney fan is mounted on the top of the chimney. It is supplied as standard with adjustable angle legs, armor hose, safety wire and mineral wool plate for vibration-free operation. When mounting on a brick chimney The angle legs are mounted in the slots on the underside of the chimney fan. When assembled, the legs must be 2-4 mm from the inside of the chimney so that no vibrations are transmitted. The mineral wool plate is laid with the aluminum foil facing upwards, which is cut into a hole corresponding to the chimney clearing and the chimney fan is placed on top.

When mounting on the steel chimney

If the chimney fan is to be mounted on a steel chimney use flange and vibration dampers instead of the angle legs (the flange must be ordered separately). The mineral wool mat is placed on the flange with the aluminum foil facing upwards, and a hole is cut in the mineral wool mat corresponding to the chimney clearing. To make room for the vibration dampers, cut the corners of the mineral wool mat. The flange is mounted on the chimney fan by means of the supplied vibration dampers and the whole is placed on top of the chimney.

Connection of the chimney fan

The safety wire is mounted on the chimney and locked to the chimney fan. The safety switch (not supplied as standard) is mounted on the chimney and connected to the power supply. NB! If the chimney has been used with poor or missing draft for a long time, the chimney should be swept before the chimney fan is switched on so that a chimney fire is prevented.

In certain cases, there are special architectural requirements for the chimney. It is possible to make the chimney fan almost “invisible” in such cases by incorporating and thereby concealing it at the top of the chimney. exodraft is available with advice on how this can be done.

Service and maintenance

Service and cleaning of the chimney fan is done as needed (though at least once a year) depending on the fuel type. When the chimney fan is open, it is easily cleaned while sweeping the chimney.

The chimney fan must always be in operation when the fireplace is used. Fire damage is not covered by exodraft’s guarantee. exodraft gives 2 year factory warranty and 6 month full return policy.