Compliance management is to help promoters and management understand the applicable laws and regulations for maintaining the regulatory environment. It includes creating a legal framework by an in-depth assessment of the existing processes and internal structure ensuring sound corporate governance. The regulations may vary with the region or locality where the company is registered as some but not all laws are state-wide. Also, globalization has added to the compliance requirements as relevant regulations are applicable when conducting business in different regions. There is a need for filing various annual forms comprising of detailed information about shareholders, finances, changes, etc. These forms are required to be certified by professionals as per the Companies Act so Compliance Courses are normally very difficult to get. The consultants active in this field have a team to help prepare the documents for on-time filing.

Compliance based on events arise when a company goes through changes which may or may not be deliberate. Depending on a specific event, there is required paperwork that needs to be completed by a specific deadline, skipping which can attract penalties. These compliance consulting companies are a part of consultancy services helping clients meet the deadline for a specific event based compliance.

There are many types of valuation compliances which can be statutory or voluntary, needed mostly for financial decisions. ESOP company valuation is a must in case the company opts to give a stock option as remuneration. This type of valuation is particularly needed for unlisted or closely held companies having no definite share worth. When the ESOP scheme is disclosed to employees, it should contain comprehensive details about the options along with pricing method. Also, the consultants may provide services for maintaining necessary compliance as per applicable regulations such as maintaining registers. ESOPs are fast emerging compensation programs used to boost performance and hire skilled professionals in a competitive IT sector.

CCV Pvt. Limited is a consultancy providing all types of compliance management services. It has a diverse knowledge of this field with combined experience of professionals possessing legal and financial expertise. The services of CCV include business advisory, legal due diligence, structured financial services, restructuring advisory, fundraising consultant, and business registration.